After a classical education in both Europe and the USA, Pierre Higonnet has worked at first in advertising in Paris as a photographer and Art Director. In 1989, he moves to Venice and buys a run down “negozio” on the Island of the Giudecca.
The Galleria del Leone opens its doors in 1993, focusing since the beginning on contemporary black and white prints, as well as drawings, paintings and sculptures. The artist crew at that moment is composed of Daniele Bianchi, Edo Janich, Gérard Trignac, François Houtin and Jean-Pierre Velly, whom Pierre Higonnet had met in 1990 a few weeks before his disappearance; Mauro Corda, Silvano Porcinai and Laurent Belloni for sculptures.
Mathias Schauwecker, Miguel Condé, Pedro Cano, Raffi Kaiser, Safet ZEC, Lanfranco Quadrio, Lionel Guibout and Nicolas Alquin joined the team afterwards.
In 2002, the gallery publishes its first artist book with Lionel Guibout and Michel Tournier, le Radeau de la Méduse, and edits in 2003 a series of bronzes by Nicolas Alquin, Les Aperçus.
In 2007, the gallery relocates for 3 years near Rome and is currently settled in Ivry-sur-Seine, near Paris.

Since 1993, the Galleria del Leone has focused on representing contemporary artists dealing mainly with drawing or black and white prints. A specific interest has been developped for the fantastic and "visoinnary" french printmakers (Yves Doaré, François Houtin, Gérard Trignac, Philippe Mohlitz, Jean-Pierre Velly...) as well as for the Italian school of etching (Livio Ceschin, Toni Pecoraro, Lanfranco Quadrio, Roberto Stelluti, Safet ZEC...).

The gallery has held over 50 exhibitions, both in the gallery and during art fairs.


All art we deal with is original and guaranteed. All artworks we handle are made and signed by the artists.


All etchings are hand made by etchers on copper - or zinc plates. Most of our artists use the traditional techniques of etching: the burin (engraving), drypoint, hard and softground, acquatint. Plates are printed manually on etching press by the artist himself, or under his strict supervision by a master printer. Etchings are printed on quality, acid-free pure coton etching paper such as Arches, Fabriano, Hahnemulle or Rives.


We handle paintings which are usually oil or acrylic on canvas, but can also be mixed media on paper laid on canvas. Some artists work with mixed media on paper or with oil and wax.

Scultpures are all modeled by the sculptor usually in earth or in wax, sometimes in plaster. Sculptures in bronze at the gallery are either unique pieces or in a limited edition of 8.

The Galleria del Leone is not looking for any new collaboration with artists today.
However, if you wanted to show us some pictures of your work, drop us an email.
Do NOT send any unrequested original works, they will be ignored.
We do not send back material we get by mail, we keep them in our archive.


Most etchings run between € 100 - 500 drawings from € 200 - 1,000
Most watercolors run between € 300-4,000
Paintings from € 400 - 7,500
Sculptures from € 800 - 10,000.

We do accept Paypal, personal checks and bank SWIFT (EUROS ONLY)


The gallery has sold to corporations like the Assicurazioni Generali, Four Seasons, Hotel Villa Feltrinelli (www.villafeltrinelli.com)


The gallery ships at cost and worldwide. The customer chooses its prefered shipping method (regular post, Fedex, DHL...)
Items are safely packed in order to travel without any damages.

Galleria del Leone. Tel : +33 6 09 65 78 98 / info@galleriadelleone.com