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Erik Desmazieres was born in Rabat, Morocco, in 1948 and lives in Paris.
A graduate of the Institut d'Etudes Politiques de Paris he studied printmaking in the late 60’s with Jean Delpech. He is a printmaker of the Art Fantastique Visionnaire school, whose artists find their aesthetic antecedents in Bresdin, Piranesi, Callot and Dürer.

His work has enjoyed considerable success in Europe and in America; his works are included in major museum collections around the world.

A"contemporary printmaker of breathtaking virtuosity" (The Independent, London, Dec. 1993), renders with masterly draughtsmanship subjects ranging from domestic interiors and garden scenes to grotesque fantasies in the tradition of Bosch and Goya.

Recipient of the prestigious Grand Prix des Arts de la Ville de Paris and today president of the Société des Peintres Graveurs Français, Desmazières has been described as "arguably the finest French printmaker of his generation" by Robert Flynn Johnson, curator of San Francisco's Achenbach Foundation for the Graphic Arts. He has had numerous individual exhibitions in Paris, London, Hamburg, Rome, Zurich, Osaka, Tokyo, and San Francisco. His work is found in the collections of the Bibliothèque Nationale, the Rijksmuseum, the British Museum, the Metropolitan Museum, the Brooklyn Museum, and the New York Public Library as well as the Rembrandthuis in Amsterdam.

Courtesy Fitch Febvrel Gallery, New York

Public collections :

Achenbach Foundation, San Francisco

Art Museum, Portland

Bibliothèque Nationale, Paris

British Museum, London

Brooklyn Museum, New York

California State University, Chico

Corcoran Gallery, Washington, D.C.

Fitzwilliam Museum, Cambridge

Library of Congress, Washington, D.C.

Machida City Museum of Graphic Arts, Tokyo

McGill University, Montréal

Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York

Miami-Dade Community College, Miami

Musée d'Art moderne de la Ville de Paris, Paris

Musée des Beaux-Arts, Montréal

Musée Boymans-van Beuningen, Rotterdam

Musée Jenisch, Cabinet des estampes, Vevey

Museum of Art, Cleveland

Museum of Art, Philadelphia

Museum of Art, Santa Barbara

Nelson Atkins Museum, Kansas City

Neuberger Museum, New York

New York Public Library, New York

Princeton University Library, Princeton

Public Library, Newark

Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam

Rutgers University Dana Library, Newark

Suffolk Community College, Selden

ERIK DESMAZIERES (on the right) with Pierre Higonnet (on the left)

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